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Membership – Organizations involved in serving children in foster care in any of the counties in North Texas are welcome to become Consortium members. Simply complete the online application. There is no membership fee, and there is no requirement to be a member to participate in quarterly meeting or to sign up for our mailing list. However, only individuals from member organizations can vote, serve in leadership positions, and serve on committees.

Not sure if your organization is already a member of the Consortium? Check our list of current members and see.

Mailing LIst – Individuals involved in serving children in foster care in any of the counties in North Texas are welcome to sign up for our mailing list. We try not to flood your inbox! We typically send two email reminders prior to quarterly meetings and an email following the quarterly meetings to share materials from the meeting.
The emails come from, so make sure to add this email address to your safe sender list!

Why join the Consortium? 

Members of the Consortium recognize that improving outcomes for children in care requires all of us to work together.

At Consortium meetings your input matters. Whether you are involved in education, child placement, judicial, healthcare, or you serve children in care in any role, there is a place at the table for you.

On both the state and local level, the members of the Foster Care Consortium partner together for innovative changes in the foster care system, producing better outcomes for children in care or at risk of removal.

Add your voice, your skills and your help by becoming a member of the Consortium today.